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Love In The Age of Covid-19 ♡ Keeping Love Alive During Quarantine

I’m Julie Spira, and I created Love in the Age of COVID-19: How to Keep Love Alive During Quarantine, to help couples navigate the challenges they’re facing during the coronavirus pandemic.

Whether you’re newly dating, are in quarantine together or apart, or found yourself in an unexpected long-distance relationship, these are emotional times where partnerships are getting put to the test.

It’s my goal to bring some extra joy to your lives and help you keep the spark alive.

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Love During Quarantine – Judy and Kenny

Love in the Age of COVID-19: Kenny and Judy

To cope with becoming a long-distance couple during the coronavirus, artist Judy Nemer Sklar created 6 Feet Apart, a daily sketch on Facebook and Instagram to memorialize what it’s like being a  couple in social isolation until she’s reunited with her boyfriend of ten years, Kenny.

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Love During Quarantine – Lisa and Peter

Love During Quarantine - Peter and Lisa

Lisa and Peter were in a long-distance relationship for two years, when she gave up her career in Boston to join Peter, a correspondent at CBS News Radio, based in Florida. This year, they’ll be celebrating ten blissful years together. 

“We were in quarantine before it was cool to be quarantined,” says Lisa, who admits she keeps the train running at home.

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How to Keep Your Relationship
Alive While Social Distancing

Love in the Age of COVID-19 - Social Isolation

Regardless of your relationship status, just about everyone is in a long-distance relationship while self-isolating due to the novel coronavirus.  Unless you’re living under the same roof, you can’t see each other in person for now. Instead of pushing  he pause button, it’s time to get creative to keep the spark alive.

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How to Set Boundaries and
Rituals in Quarantine

Love in the Age of COVID-19 - Setting Boundaries

While living together 24/7 in quarantine mode, couples are learning about each other’s quirks, and need to give each other space, when there’s no place to hide. Here are tips on how to set boundaries, and create rituals in your relationship.

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Love in Quarantine, How To
Celebrate Your Anniversary

Love in the Age of COVID-19 - Anniversary

Love isn’t getting kicked to the curb as we flatten the curve on the coronavirus cases.

In fact, couples are developing deeper bonds, having more meaningful conversations, and are finding creative ways to celebrate an anniversary.

We’re seeing Zoom weddings, where relatives from out of town or across town, are joining in to cheer on a new bride and groom.

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Wall Street Journal

Social Distancing Revives Old-Fashioned Romance: Long Talks, Serenades

“Right now, the hookups are gone and the meaningful conversations are in,” said Julie Spira, 62, an author and founder of a dating-advice company, who has ended up with a virtual pandemic partner of her own.

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Quarantine Date Night Ideas for Couples

Julie Spira, a cyber dating expert, tells couples in long-distance relationships to “always end your calls and chats by saying, ‘I love you.’ “It can’t be said enough, especially when you’re feeling isolated and lonely,” Spira said.

Sight see. “I love the idea of traveling around the world without a passport,” said Spira. “There are thousands of museums with virtual tours, and you can take turns in selecting what city or country you’d like to visit.”

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