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Love In Quarantine – How To Celebrate Your Anniversary

Love in Quarantine – How to Celebrate Your Anniversary

Love in the Age of COVID-19

Love isn’t getting kicked to the curb as we flatten the curve on the coronavirus cases.

In fact, couples are developing deeper bonds, having more meaningful conversations, and are finding creative ways to celebrate an anniversary.

We’re watching Zoom weddings where relatives from out of town or across town are joining in to cheer on a new bride and groom. On Spectrum News 1 in New York, Pat Kiernan, the morning show anchor officiated the wedding of Julie Raskin and Matt Haicken in Broookly, so they could have their dream virtual wedding, and the story melted a lot of hearts.

If your anniversary is coming up, and you’re still required to wear a mask, what should you do?

Start your day by leaving a love note for your partner, and maybe even make breakfast in bed. If you’re living apart, send a text message to say Happy Anniversary, and remember to say, “I love you,” because we can’t say it too often enough.

On Elite Daily, I weighed in on how digital love birds can make sure they have an anniversary celebration that isn’t postponed until further notice.

“When you’re stuck at home on your anniversary, it’s a great excuse to get out of the day-to-day routine of wearing sweats and no makeup, to switch it up and wear one of your sexiest outfits.”

“Having a romantic date night at home during quarantine is special. You don’t need to dine at a fancy restaurant or celebrate on a tropical island to honor and cherish another year around the sun together. It might be one of the most memorable anniversaries in your lifetime.”

Go Down Digital Memory Lane

You’re attached to your computer, tablet, phone, and just about everything that needs to be recharged right now, it’s the perfect time to create a digital scrapbook.

Love in the Age of Covid 19 - Digital Anniversary

Look for places you went on your first date, the first weekend away, and some of the fun things you’ve done as a couple to add some joy to your quarantine life.  Go through your camera roll, and play “Remember when?” Take a look at your timeline on social media for photos you posted in previous anniversaries, and start making a list of places you’d like to return to when the coast is clear.

Schedule an Activity

On Elite Daily, I reminded couples to keep things light and choose activities that are fun and playful. “Make your anniversary a date night. Gaming is on the rise during quarantine, and everyone could use a laugh or two to lighten up the mood.”

Love in the Age of COVID-19 Anniversary

From playing Scrabble together, to trivia games, they’ll help you reduce the stress and a little competition can get the adrenaline running.

Have a Night Cap and Nibble on Something Sweet

Love in the Age of Covid-19 - Anniverary


If you’ve kept a special bottle of bubbly in the refrigerator, now’s the time to un-pop the cork, and toast to another year together around the sun.

Don’t forget to bring your bedroom eyes to the table. The need for touch and sexy time is essential for your relationship, so try something new in the bedroom, and make sure you fall asleep in each other’s arms.

If you’re apart, then make sure your entire evening is on video chat, a little sexting couldn’t hurt.

Wishing you a Happy Anniversary, with the hope that you’re celebrating it in a way that brings you joy.

I’m Julie Spira, an award-winning dating coach, and I created Love in the Age of COVID-19:How to Keep Love Alive During Quarantine to help you navigate love during this challenging time. Connect with me here

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