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Love During Quarantine – Lisa And Peter

Love During Quarantine – Lisa and Peter

Love During Quarantine - Peter and Lisa

Lisa and Peter were in a long-distance relationship for two years, when she gave up her career in Boston to join Peter, a correspondent at CBS News Radio, based in Florida.

This year, they’ll be celebrating ten blissful years together. 

Lisa enjoys staying home but likes the option of going out. With the stay-at-home orders in place, she’s frustrated that this option has been removed.

“We were in quarantine before it was cool to be quarantined,” says Lisa, who admits she keeps the train running at home.

Life During Quarantine

Peter feels like their lives have turned upside down with the changes in his work schedule, typically starting work at 2:30 am and going until 10 or 11 am, and often anchoring the network newscasts.

On weekends, the couple disconnects from watching the news as much as they can, with Peter saying, “If you sit in front of the TV, it will make your head explode.”

Instead, they love hanging out together on the weekends and enjoy being together 24/7. In quarantine, they’re reading, watching old movies, and since they’re both baseball fans, they’re watching past games.

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What’s Cooking

Lisa enjoys her daily ritual of cooking. The quarantine dish that Peter requests the most is a tomato tart with a puffed pastry. She also makes homemade pizza, onion soup, salmon cakes, and chicken piccata.

While Lisa felt the long-distance phase of their relationship was isolating, she says they’ve made up for it on the back end.

She adds that being isolated with someone she really likes being isolated with makes all of the difference in the world. “I live with my best friend,” says Lisa. “How much better does that get?”

Peter concurs. I don’t know how we could be closer.

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